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Mai Ngā Karu o te Ora: 'End-of-Life Care, Death & Burial

The 'End-of-Life Care, Death & Burial Wānanga' is an event where expert speakers will cover essential topics including hospice care, organ donation, financial preparation, trusts and successions, affordable coffins, natural burials, wills and power of attorney, advanced care plans, and burial/cremation information, offering a valuable opportunity to prepare for end-of-life.


Join us at the End-of-Life Care, Death & Burial Wānanga, where we will provide valuable information and resources to help you prepare for end-of-life care, death, and burial. Death is a natural part of life, and this wānanga offers an opportunity for everyone to start organising their affairs and plan for the future.

Throughout the event, we will cover various essential topics related to end-of-life care, death, and burial. Our knowledgeable guest speakers will provide insights and expertise on the following areas:

1.     Hospice: Learn about the services and support provided by hospice care during the end-of-life journey.

2.     Organ Donation: Understand the process and significance of organ donation, which can have a life-saving impact on others.

3.     Financial Preparation: Receive guidance on how to prepare financially for end-of-life expenses and ensure your affairs are in order.

4.     Whānau Trusts and Successions: Discover the importance of setting up trusts and planning for the future of your whānau (family).

5.     Affordable and Alternative Coffins: Explore options for affordable and alternative coffins, considering different preferences and budgets.

6.     Natural Burials: Learn about eco-friendly and sustainable burial practices that promote harmony with the environment.

7.     Wills & Power of Attorney: Understand the importance of creating a will and establishing power of attorney to ensure your wishes are respected.

8.     Advanced Care Plans: Gain insights into creating advanced care plans that outline your preferences for medical treatment and end-of-life care.

9.     Burial and Cremation Information: Receive information about burial and cremation processes, regulations, and available options.

Our esteemed guest speakers include representatives from: 

  • Māori Land Court (Online) - Whānau Trusts and Land Succession
  • Te Atawhai Aroha - Compassionate Communities - Advanced Care Plans
  • Poutama Tangihanga Tāupō - Burial and Cremation Funeral Services
  • Coffin Club, John Short - Affordable Coffins
  • Harakeke, Waka Wairua, Moana Thompson - Alternatives to Coffins
  • Tracey Grimwood, Taupo Budget Service
  • Lorraine Waru, Turangi Community Law - Wills and Power of Attorney
  • Naomi Toko, MSD Financial Support, Turangi

Nau mai, haere mai! All are welcome to attend the End-of-Life Care, Death & Burial Wānanga. This event provides a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge, ask questions, and begin planning for the future.

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